I am sad

No this is not another missed birthday/anniversary/event I just noticed.

Just very, very bad planning in South Africa… We are about a month behind on all TV shows. Which makes me sad because the new Vampire Dairies started this month, still no clue when this will appear, and Glee started yesterday. Now if you have ever read more than two posts on here, you probably know I am a total ‘Gleek’.

I have absorbed the first season like it is chocolate ice-cream, and now… Now I am WAITING!!!!!!! I hate it. Some people may call me ‘impatient’ but I don’t have time for them! [Oh, that was bad!!]

I want Glee!!!! I need to see Puck, I need to hear Rachel and Finn and oh, Mr Shuchster [sp?] I want Glee! I need Glee!

Even worse is every one mentioning Glee… I go on Twitter, Glee! I read a blog post, Glee. I listen to music, Glee! Torture!!!

Basically  it comes down to this, S. Africa. Gimme some Glee!!!

Thank you. That is all =]


6 thoughts on “I am sad

  1. I’m sorry you’re missing out on it 😦 Although admittedly I’ve never really given the show a fair chance to ‘woo’ me. I was about to recommend Hulu as well; but also I use Yidio.com if I can’t find it on Hulu, good luck! 😀

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