Party fail!!!

The last few days, since I entered the 90’s on number of blog posts done, I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for the coveted moment where I can throw a blog party to rejoice the ‘yayness’ of reaching 100 posts. Geuss what….

I missed my own blogs birthday party!!!

This is blog number 101… The much wanted party goes to Mel, my guest blogger! Sure I am happy for giving Mel that honour. But I missed it!! Not even like noticed it right away…

I noticed it NOW, 5 hours after posting number 100! I am such a bad blogger… Maybe this means I will forget birthdays too! My poor poor children!


Well basically, I just wanted to share how much of a fail I am, how lucky Mel is and how random my brain is!!

Have a great day you lovely bloggers!!


4 thoughts on “Party fail!!!

  1. my goodness this past week has been full of awards for me! 🙂

    sorry to steal your thunder. i’m almost at 100 posts you can take that slot and be guest blogger all at once too! 😀

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