Reasons to read… Me??

Today the guest blogging honor falls upon Mel!

I have mentioned Mel from Past to the Present multiple times, and she still stays awesome!

She was the 450th commenter on my blog and when I asked her to do a guest blog, she decided to blow up my ego a bit =]

Here you are!!

Lucky me, I’m a guest blogger…

I’ve never won anything in my life I’ll gladly accept this as my first, Thank you!

*Hopefully it won’t be the last*

As I type this post, Malize has just donned me another award…Well hopefully that won’t be the last 🙂

Well readers of Marlize’s blog, as you have noticed she LOVES lists, particularly Top 10 Lists!
I love lists as well and this post will be the Top 10 Reasons I read Marlize’s blog.

1. It’s pure awesome
2. Her sporadic random posts make me laugh
3. Sometimes she cooks and posts pictures and I love food
4. She has a craving monster within her-just like me!
5. She has the best quotes ever
6. She is down to earth and personable
7. She loves books and reading
8. Her Carrie story posts had me hooked!
9. She’s from South Africa
10. Everytime I click on readomattic and read her post it makes me smile

Well, that was quite fun.

Thank you Marlize for sharing your blog!

No, thank you Mel, for reading!!


2 thoughts on “Reasons to read… Me??

  1. Her top ten lists are very fun! And I agree with nearly everything on that list! But that’s only because I’ve never clicked the Readomatic… I don’t think (what is it? haha).

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