MIA.. Again!?!?!

I am really making a habit of this over weekends! So I want to schedule something for every Saturday or Sunday… Any ideas??

Yesterday was suppose to be my last [of 30] top ten day… But I can’t find a suitable thing to end on!! But I don’t really want to end! So I am taking page out of Nathan’s and Holly’s book and making a suggestions page! Please, any ideas for top ten, posts, photos anything will do!!

This weekend was filled with fun and family… It was “Braai”- day on Friday [Barbeque…] and after a long day of cleaning, lounging and boredom we went to family for a nice braai!

Me and my sister slipped of to go visit Bunny quickly before they leave [they are going away for a week for sports] after that the evening was quite uneventful!!

Saturday was shopping!! I got Bunny a birthday present and some presents for my cousin’s baby shower next weekend. The evening was spent with burgers and bad TV.

Today was church, a nice chicken pot and some sun-bathing! All in all it was the most relaxing weekend in a looooooong time!!


Oh, please do go visit my sister’s blog! Lovely Layla Cooks

Have a lovely day/night bloggers!! [tomorrow will bring a decent post!]


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