I hate when people…

Today is the first Top ten Tuesday!! I am excited to get this new regiment started on my blog! But firstly I have to introduce another change to schedule… Mondays will be just Mondays, blogging about whatever I want. But Fridays will become Fiction Fridays!! That will include anything to do with my fiction… Flash fiction, short stories, anything! Even if no one reads it… I feel I have to have a goal towards which to write!!

So here comes today’s top ten Pet Peeves [things that makes my blood boil!]]

This top ten suggestion comes from Nathan! Please go check out his blog Cogito Ergo Blog if you haven’t already! =]

  1. False accusations
  2. Bad manners
  3. Bad coffee
  4. Ignoring me
  5. Being fake [if you can act, do it. But if you can’t just be yourself!]
  6. “Bieber-fever” [He’s in SA, you know?]
  7. Misplacing my phone, or anything else
  8. Books being manhandled
  9. Animals being manhandled
  10. Bad driving!

I know this isn’t really pet peeves, but I just woke up and my head is still cotton! Enjoy it either way!!

I decided to start a little Afrikaans Class on my blog. Everyday I will teach you a word! We start today with a simple GOOD MORNING

Goeie môre. [I dunno know to type pronunciation, or add a sound clip. So if any one does, give me a little lesson and you will get sound clips with each word]

Good day!!! =]


4 thoughts on “I hate when people…

  1. I completely agree with all of them except for 3 and 8. Since I’m not a big coffee drinker, that one doesn’t bother me, but f$#* with my food and it’s over. I’m also not an everyday reader but mishandled my DVD or video game and I will get angry. You don’t wanna see me when I’m angry.

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