Ohh, Thank you!!

Hey lovelies!!

This post is being typed whilst I am half asleep, just so you can have a Top  10 Thursday post!! Ain’t I just the sweet of me??

Nah! just kidding I am going to work with my sister tomorrow [today] so I won’t get a chance to post!

I thought of a cool post, things I want to thank people for!! Here goes nothing!!

  1. Thanks to Holly for the Top Ten award! DO go look at her blog!
  2. Thanks to the sweet sweet people who added me to their blogroll!
  3. Thanks to my 5 subscribers! =]
  4. Thanks to my sister, for ‘getting’ me!
  5. Thanks to all writers out there. Guys if it weren’t for you the world would be a very imagen-less places
  6. Thank you for the music =]
  7. Thank you for great sales on clothes and shoes and all!
  8. Thanks for me having the abilities to write!!!
  9. Thank you for the very best blogging friends!!
  10. Finally thank me! For being an independent [sorta] girl with great ideas, vision and dreams! Keep believing in yourself girly! =]

Have a great day every one! Be good without me around =]


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