Flash Fiction: A good try


This is my very first flash fiction I ever wrote… I hope you enjoy it and please leave some responses!!

Thank you

She sits all alone, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window at the skyline. Her trail of thought so difficult to follow. Every now and then a flicker of emotion can be seen on her face, in her eyes.

But he can’t help but notice the small signs of sadness; her turned down mouth, the constant fidgeting and the almost unconscious rubbing of her eyes.

If he was more confident and self-assured he would’ve gone up to her and try to console her. But looking at her biker boots and leather jacket, she didn’t look like the type to want, or need, consoling.

He tears his eyes away and drinks his own coffee, but time and again his eyes drift to her. She keeps looking at her phone and shaking her head. The actions are those he normally associates with someone who was stood up. But its eleven pm. Who plans a date for this time of night?!?!

After his last sips he gets up, pays his bill and on impulse changes his direction to her table against the wall. Knowing in the back of his mind he would regret the decision in only a few minutes.

“Why are you sad?”

He mentally kicks himself for the bad start and starts to slowly back away.

“What?” Her soft, powerful voice shocks him to a standstill and her confusion is clear on her face.

He decide to keep going, he is already here, isn’t he?

“You seem sad and lonely”

She smirks, “just what every girl wants to hear.”

She picks up her bag and phone and pushes herself out of the seat. With the boots on she can stare him straight in his eyes.

“This ain’t sad or lonely, pretty boy.”

She turns around on her heel and turns right back.

“And just to satisfy your apparent curiosity, he left me waiting for THREE whole hours!”

Without another word or glare she turns around and walks out. The only girl in five years to catch his eye. And she is getting away.

He sits down at the vacated table and looks at the empty doorway.

“Well, it was worth a try, and at least I got the truth. And she got to yell at someone.”

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