A good weekend!

Morning world!!

I apologize immediately! I know I was once again MIA… But despite that, my weekend was busy and great!! Friday was once again spent with my sister at the guesthouse [her workplace] and some random photos took place!

The evening was spent with some pasta, vodka smoothies [awesome!] and a proudly South African movie! I must say it was very good! It was about a girl [almost 40!!] who still lives with her mom and now wants to realize her dream of singing… It was odd, but good!

Then due to some disturbances at the guest house [her boss was out-of-town so she was alone] we decided to go sleep there! It really is heaven on earth there. Fluffy blankets, room service, big tub… Hmmmmm.

Saturday morning I stayed in bed late while she worked =D and caught up on Disney! We then got ready for my cousin’s baby shower, after the baby shower we went to babysit the pastors’ kids again! It was good fun!!

After this hectically busy weekend I decided to just relax on Sunday!

Today I once again went with her to work and helped out there a bit! But I did figure out a new schedule for the blog!! [I am thinking this whole process will take some time to perfect!]

Mondays: Magic Monday… All and wishes I have for that day, week, moment.

Tuesdays: Top 10

Wednesday: This will just be a normal blogging day, but if I get suggestions that aren’t top 10’s or have guest blogs, it will be on this day.

Thursday: Top 10

Friday: Fiction Friday

Saturday: Silly Saturday. This will consist of a random post mixed with silly stuff that happened this week.

Sunday: Another normal blogging day!

Then I really want to know if there is ANY ONE out there who would participate in an art journal challenge if I did one?? I am thinking of starting the 20th. Because I will be out-of-town the 15th – 17th. Please let me know?? Also if anyone would like to make me a button for it… I can’t really do stuff like that! =]


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