A new project!!

Today is another normal, boring blogging day… And of course I have no idea what to write about, so I decided to talk about the journal challenge I want to do!

  • I am thinking of starting October 20th. And the challenge will last for 30 days.
  • Every morning I will give out a prompt [that is morning for me and midnight for most other people… [GMT +2]] and I will add the page I did.
  • Please join in. Invite every one you think would like to join and please participate in my very first challenge!
  • The journal pages will co-exist with my other posts, so my blog will not be taken over by journaling.
  • Prompts will be chosen randomly, so even I have no idea what prompts will be up!
  • I know it is called a ‘art journal’ challenge but even if you just want to write about the prompts, please join in. This is merely to challenge yourself, self-growing and exploration.

If you want to join in, please leave a comment or something… And please if any one can help me make a button for the challenge I would really appreciate it!!

Oh, and for the people doing NaNoWriMo, I am doing it to, and will try to keep the prompts short and sweet that you have enough time to write!

Have a great day!!


12 thoughts on “A new project!!

  1. Hey Marlize, I am back! Idiotville is now open again….. I hope you took good care of the place while I was gone! 🙂

    1. WELCOME BACK!!!!!
      You won’t believe how much I’ve missed my little piece of idiot every day!

      Of course I did!! Even did a rant on the JB in S. Africa!! =]

  2. I believe I may join you. Although. my time right now is 3:19 AM. what would your time be? Im in UTC-5, dunno what that means.

    But yeah, I’ll definitely join.

    1. Hey!! I would like for you to join in! I got the message at 9:20 am, looks like I’m 6 hours ahead of you! Which means, you’ll wake up to the prompt! =]

      1. Alright! sounds like a plan stan. i usually come on to blog between 11-2pm mon wed. and thurs. and from like 12-2 on saturday. We’ll see if i can keep up. I’ll probably just do the ones for those days that I make it on. It’ll be good enough I’m sure.

        1. I would really enjoy it if you’d join!! The more the merrier! Even if you just do some of the pages, it’s all about discovering yourself!!

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