Nice clean air!!

Today we got the first spring rain… It was amazing and wonderful!

I had another post planned, but after the rain my head is full of it. So I decided to do Top 10 Thursday on reason I love rain!

Rain drops on a smoke tree leaf.
Image via Wikipedia
  1. It makes me a lazy bug!
  2. After a good rain storm it smells so clean!!
  3. Laying in bed and listening to the rain is the most relaxing thing ever.
  4. Day long DVD fest and coffee!
  5. The first rain means it will soon get warm enough to swim!
  6. It also means it’s almost watermelon time!!
  7. Dancing in the rain… I know it sounds cliché, but the moment I saw it was raining, I ran outside and just stood there, my head to the drops and my clothes soaked.
    “My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech...
    Image via Wikipedia
  8. Rainbows!!!
  9. Puddles to splash in!
  10. You have an excuse to wear cute boots/raincoat/umbrella!

Lol, hope you enjoyed that!

Also, thanks to the people already into my journal challenge!! I am already excited!


8 thoughts on “Nice clean air!!

  1. I agree with the relaxing rain while sleeping….. Thunderstorms are always real relaxing to me also….though the rest of the family is usually cowering in the tub or shower afraid of tornadoes…

  2. OK Marlize, the rain is over…..climb out of the bed and get back on your computer and start blogging again! Don’t make me send the Idiotville Police over there!

    ooga booga ooga wandi rilsder gutternsnipe (code u and ur sister will NEVER break!)


  3. You are absolutely right the rain is so relaxing and usually puts me to sleep real fast. I also love driving in the rain with a mellow cd or playlist playing. (has to be during the day because rain night time= not so good)

    I’m actually hoping for rain next tuesday now, that’s my next full day off with Reese. This way we can relax drink coffee, watch a movie and order food for delivery.

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