Blogging will begin soon!!

I am now being attacked by thunder…

Which is making my mom tell me to get of the PC.

I had a blog planned! Promised!!

But… It will have to wait!

Blog post will be up later!!

Sorry for any inconvenience!



8 thoughts on “Blogging will begin soon!!

  1. OK Marlize…. I guess we don’t need you getting cooked by a lightning strike! Get back to the blog…weather permitting…when u can! 🙂 See ya!

  2. Lol hope it blows over soon. The high here was 95 today. For goodness sake its OCTOBER 9th! layoff on the heat and sunshine a little please?!

  3. “Blogging will begin again soon”…..she says…..2 days ago…… they must have real long thunderstorms in South Africa! 🙂 Actually, poor Marlize is probably trapped inside her tanning bed and there is no one home to free her… the poor gal is probably fried to a crisp by now….. Hang in there Marlize! We will send help for you!

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