I really don’t!!

So today is Top 10 Tuesday… And I decided to at last do the challenge Holly! set up for me. She asked me to do a top ten on things I don’t want to do. EVER!

But I had difficulty thinking up things and I think I got a top 3 or something. So I adjusted the suggestion a bit. So here are…..

The Top ten things I will avoid doing for as long as possible!! [or never WANT to do!]

  1. Get stuck in a dead-end job…
  2. Read Twilight again.
  3. I never want to stop writing [does that count??]
  4. Wear animal print
  5. Skin tight clothes in public. Even if I do someday have the body for it!
  6. Back stab my friends for my own gain.
  7. Man-handle a book!
  8. Marriage [long story]
  9. Listen to classical music voluntarily
  10. Stop blogging!! =]

I do know that that list kind of sucked! But I did say I WILL do all the challenges so I had to!

Please leave a suggestion on the suggestion pages if there is something you want me to blog about or do a list on!!

Love! M


7 thoughts on “I really don’t!!

  1. OK Marlize! Guess what? Today is the day that my blog hits the magical 777,777 views milestone! (Fireworks explode) and I have been informed by the guys down in my server room that the 777,777th view will be from YOU! (more fireworks) So….you know that means! Guest blog time! Yes Marlize, you will have the honor of being the first person to EVER guest blog on The Idiot Speaketh!! Don’t worry! You will be LEGEN…..(wait for it….wait for it….wait for it…)Dary!!! Email me the post when u have it! Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Now you put me on the spot!!!
      How can I, a mere 19 year old chicka from South Africa, live up to the greatness that is you!! =]
      I will do my best Mr. Idiot, and I will not disappoint!

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