Meeting the Barnitude!!

I have, once again, a guest blogger!! And it is, once again, The Idiot Speaketh. So after he refused to give me Wonka Bars to celebrate this momentous occasion of being the 600th commenter, he send me this. And I have literally fell of my chair laughing when I read this.

Wonka bar
Image by mike lowe via Flickr

So please do enjoy the hilariousity that is The Idiot!!


Hello you hot blooded ladies of South Africa! Barney Stinson here…..making an appearance on this legen……..(wait for it…wait for it….wait for it)….dary blog by my favorite South African wingman Marlize Van der somethingorother…..

Have you met Ted?
I remember the first time that Marlize and I’s paths first crossed….

It was in a smoky bar on the south side of Soho in Manhattan. I was there with a group of “bro-workers”, enjoying a night of skirt chasing, when Marlize and her “field trip” of lost wayward little South African babes strolled into the bar.  I strolled up to Marlize, handed her a drink, and told her that she was about to have the most amazing night ever….if she would just say YES. Barney always gets the Yeeeesssssssssssssss.  At this point, dear Marlize here throws the drink in my face, starts screaming at me in some unrecognizable language that sounds like a cross between German, Dutch, and Ghetto Rap, and then storms from the bar with her entourage following closely behind her. Nobody resists the allure of a Stinson! No one!!

Until Marlize….
So much for relations between our two countries!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need a new suit..
Suit up Ted! Suit up!

Mark G. Pakulak


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