I do believe in magic…

Hey guys!!

We are minutes away from leaving for Church camp and I just want to leave you with a poem, I wrote for Kellie over at Magic in the Back yard… She gave a prompts of fairies, magic, dreams and hope!!


I do believe in fairies,
In karma, superstition and Tinkerbell.
I want to be a fairytale,
a happily ever after.
One day…
Maybe I will meet him.
My Prince Charming…
But what would I do with him??
I’d rather fly about,
with magic dust all over.
The forest, the water, the stars.
So normal, so magical…
My heart wants to be free,
Not the forever type.
My mind wants to wander,
Not the one place sort…
So, even if I meet you,
Mister Prince Charming…
Please, do set me free??

Hope it’s okay Kellie!!

=] See you all Sunday night!


7 thoughts on “I do believe in magic…

  1. I read a headline in the paper that reads “South African Camp Counselor goes psycho at Church Camp, attacks terrified campers, has to be sedated with dart gun”

    Ok Marlize…..what did you do THIS TIME?


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