Discovering Me Day 1!

Hey journalers!!

So you all got your button, you have your journals and you are ready for the challenge!!

Well brace yourself, because here it is!!

Journal prompt #1!

This is YOUR page; introduce yourself through doodles, pictures, words, anything as long as it is all YOU!


My page is filled with random things that reminded me of me, things that represented me and caught my attention!

This is the only prompt I specifically choose, as it makes the very best first page!!

I can’t wait to see your page!

Remember to add it to the group [ ] and check out everyone else’s pages!! Or leave me a comment about where to find your page!

This is my ‘opening’ page, just because I like to announce all my challenges. So far this is the WORST page I made… Of all pages I ever did, I dislike this one the most! But I promised myself not to tear one page out of this journal, so I have to live with it!!

Have a lovely day you all!!



4 thoughts on “Discovering Me Day 1!

  1. Marlize… is “Have a lovely day YA’LL”….”Ya’ll”….. got it? I will make a Texan out of you yet! 🙂

    (though the correct term would be …”Ya’ll have a lovely day now!”

  2. I am sorry Marlize….I just can’t do it….. I am just not the journaling type…I don’t have the attention span needed to do a journal properly. I will happily sit back and watch you “professionals” as you go down this road. Ooga Booga Onda Welereeee suzeeeeee tom tom! (it’s secret code people! don’t even try to break it!) Have a great day Marlize!

    The Idiot that sounds like a Jeff Dunham Purple puppet!

    1. Awwww. =[ Lol, nah that is really fine Idiot…
      Apparently every one feels that way as it looks like no one is doing the challenge, but so what, at least I am! =]

      And I told you it’s the skeleton, not the Peanut!! [Yes, I watch Jeff Dunham….]

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