Discovering Me day 2!

Good morning!! [Well good midnight to most of you =D ]

Journal prompt 2…

Today you have to decorate you ‘happiness’ cupcake… It basically means to decorate a cupcake with everything that makes you happy… But it’s your journal so take it any way you want to!

I firstly drew my cupcake and coloured it in, under the full intention of writing ON it, but it looked so cute I couldn’t so I write all over the page ll the things that makes me happy, and just decorated the cupcake…

Please remember to link your pages, promote this and add your pages to the Flickr group!

Thank you and enjoy!

Ya’ll have a good day now ye hear! =]

6 thoughts on “Discovering Me day 2!

  1. I am getting all misty-eyed Marlize! You used Ya’ll!!!! and correctly!!! You are now an honorary Texan!! Yee-Haw!!! Or as you say there….YIP! YIP!!!! YIP!!! 🙂

  2. i heart your journal!!!!! i wanted to do this so bad, but preparations for school has now placed a lot of pressure and taken much of my spare time away 😦 but i am following your journey! 🙂 hugs & smooches love! xox

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