Discovering me… Day #6!

Awww, I am so enjoying this challenge, and even thought it is almost a week and I am still the only one participating [I think] I don not care, because I am having a great time, getting to know me and giving some people good blog ideas!! =]

Journal prompt #6

What is the best part of your everyday life??

This page was sweet and simple and a ‘no-brainer’… Even thought my sister and I can have the roughest shout-fests sometimes and want to kill each other. I can not think of living without her near. She makes my days wonderful… Which is why I used her as inspiration for the post! Every now and again we will text each other, random stuff and it just brighten up my day…

So basically I just want to say, thank you sis for being there and being so unbelievably amazing!! [and bailing me out now and again!] 😀



5 thoughts on “Discovering me… Day #6!

    1. Thanks!!
      I used my sister’s phone as model and [she sat next to me while I drew it] I got side comments about it’s appearance the whole time, until I completed the page, then she didn’t care about the BB anymore!! =]
      Yeah!!! You are joining in… =]

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