Discovering me # 7 and a little jail time…

Morning you all!!

I am excited for this day… For some reason! I feel good about today!

Journal Prompt #7

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what THREE things would you want with you… Once again this is a FUN prompt, so water and food is not allowed!

I really like this page of me… But the lighting is BAD!! My three things is Music, books and puck from Glee! =]

Now I have a Top Ten for you all…

TOp ten things I will probably end up in jail for…

  1. Stealing a road sign
  2. Road rage
  3. assaulting someone who is abusing woman and children
  4. Skinny-dipping on a public beach at night
  5. Being TOOOOOOO loud
  6. Jay-walking =]
  7. Randomly kissing someone just because he is sexy…
  8. Public disturbance
  9. Illegal street party
  10. assaulting of animal-abusers

Wondering how I came up with this list…. Well, after I put a very sweet and loving message to my sister as my status on Facebook, my sister and The Idiot, demolishes my sweet message by talking about how she had to bail me out of jail AGAIN, and that’s why I love her!

My response… Me? Jail?? NEVER!!! =]

Have a lovely day!!


15 thoughts on “Discovering me # 7 and a little jail time…

  1. I bet your writing this journal from jail right now aren’t you? Admit it! We are catching on to you Marlize! I don’t think any guy in the world would turn you into the police for you kissing them because you thought they were sexy! If they do arrest people for that, then your cops are really screwed up! If you stole a STOP sign and caused a huge wreck, Ya…I could seem them locking you up! You should try Jaywalking real LOUDLY so you can kill two things off the list at once! The skinny dipping on a public beach at night might be good for a public disturbance if your doing it like right in front of a crowded restaurant or something, otherwise, who will know? Beating up the abusers and is totally acceptable. I think that about covers your dream list of crime. You will have to let me know as you actually mark these off your list! 🙂

    1. Lol, you’ll never know!!
      I think the random kissing counts as public disturbance!!
      But I should try doing more than one at a time, as long as I know you all would come visit in jail!!

  2. Nice going with the challenge! You’re sticking with it and it’s going great.

    That’s a lot of things you might go to jail for, if I ever get locked up in an institution it’ll most likely be a mental asylum. The little voices told me so.

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