Discoverin’ Me #8!

Morning People of the blog-o-sphere!!

Yeah…. I’m going mad!!

Firstly before I continue, I have to make a statement… I got cut again at the office, me and Co-Worker is thinking the files and papers in there has a thing against me!! SCARY!!! =]

Now for the prompt…

Journal Prompt #8…

Do a page on a secret… Without outright revealing the secret…

Okay so surely you can all tell it is about Forbidden Love, but only select few will truly know the whole secret, which is the reason behind this page!! Years from now, I will look at this page, remember [hopefully] the secret and laugh at my silliness!

Now I got a few things lined-up for as soon as I have time…

  1. A blog post from Kellie
  2. A blog post from Holly [It’s her Blogging B-day!!]
  3. And links to the sweet people who linked ME for the journal challenge!!

Have a lovely day, I am going to try to not be cut today…



5 thoughts on “Discoverin’ Me #8!

  1. Marlize….I sure hope your sister does let you handle any of the cutlery when you both are in the kitchen πŸ™‚ I sure hope you still have all your fingers when you leave this job to move on to bigger and better opportunities…. Forbidden love huh?………hmmmmm………Well, I hope you have fond and happy memories of whoever he was or is, for many years to come. Have a great day Marlize πŸ™‚

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