Discovering me!! I am awesome!!

Morning wonderful severs!! =]

I used to be a negative person, and I owe most of it to my star-sign, Virgo, and due to that alone I am VERY self-critical. When some one asked me about myself, I didn’t have a good thing to say.

But somewhere between last year and now, I grew self-confidence. I ALLOW myself to believe I am the greatest! I dismiss the bad voices, I love myself. Which is why I threw this Prompt into the bowl…

Journal Prompt 10…

Pep Talk yourself, doodle, write, draw about things you love about you. SO that when you are sad or down you can look at this page and remember why you are rocking!!!

I really liked this one, and just for incase you can’t read all the reasons I heart me, I took a photo of the other page close up!!

I know a lot of people say they feel conceded and arrogant to say good things about themselves, but, even thought I used to feel that way to, it is not arrogant at all. It is the best therapy. Because you need to believe in who you are, before others can.

If I believe I am a good writer, then I will be one. If I believe I am pretty, I may just be [I am still struggling to call myself beautiful] And if I believe no one can get me down, NO ONE CAN!!!

So just today… Believe in yourself. Dismiss the demons, dismiss the ugly voices and embrace yourself! BELIEVE, honey-bee!!


PS. I will try to post a Fiction Friday Post….


16 thoughts on “Discovering me!! I am awesome!!

  1. Just for the record, you’re freakin’ beautiful.

    I feel as though I really need this. This post made me feel kind of better about myself already honestly, because with friends who I care about and guys repeatedly cutting me down, making me feel stupid and just being overall jerks, I must admit that it can be a real blow to the self-esteem.
    I also think that saying honest good things about other people should be done every day. Honestly, if someone compliments my hair or my makeup or my coat, it makes my day, so when I see something admirable, I acknowledge it.

  2. Marlize, You are probably one of the happiest, most positive, upbeat, happy, outgoing, funny, and remarkable people I have come across. Don’t ever change! Trust me, your remarkable upbeat attitude and outlook on life rub off on the people that read this blog, just like Whatsnormality said. I have never come to your blog worried about finding anything depressing, mean, negative, sad, etc. I know I will always read something funny and bubbly from a remarkable young woman. Don’t change! Don’t ever change! 🙂

  3. Hallo Almal! Marlize het my gevra om almal te vertel dat sy vra om verskoning vir blogging nie hierdie naweek. Sy het gevind haarself in die tronk nog ‘n keer en is nog steeds wag op vrylating, maar sy verseker my dat sy sal terugkeer na die blog so gou as moontlik. Eintlik, haar Internet was af …. maar die tronk storie klink so veel beter ……

    For those not speaking AFRIKAANS…this says that Marlize apologizes for not blogging this weekend, but she has found herself in jail yet again and is awaiting release. Actually, her internet has been down, but the jail story sounded so much better….

  4. OK Awesome Marlize! All those paper cuts have surely healed by now! Time to blog again! Don’t make me send a rabid chimpanzee over there to chase you out of bed! 🙂

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