A belated halloween post!!

Hey!! Sunday’s prompt was for my favourite and worst holiday… Naturally fav is Halloween, and I decided that my worst is New Years….

WHY?? To many expectations… Kiss at midnight, resolutions, everything… I don’t hate it, or even despise it, but I would be able to forget about it for a year or two…

What ya think???

Lol, thanks a lot for all the sweet comments on my post from yesterday and I am glad you all forgave me!!

Now I decided to curse myself and talk about my infatuation… He is great, pretty, sweet, makes me laugh, we can TALK, we can FIGHT, he has great music taste, and we are both on the same ‘not ready for relationship’ page….

But there is a problem!! One I can’t discuss as I am afraid it will get out, before I can resolve it… [so if you want to know, mail me…]

I haven’t LIKED a guy in six months, so this is fun… I can admit that I haven’t fallen for him yet or did anything except have coffee with him… But I am infatuated, totally!

But yeah….. I know it is going to end up in a dead-end, but I plan to have fun until then!!

Love you all!!!


15 thoughts on “A belated halloween post!!

  1. So you like Frank Day but not Bob Day? Sorry, ignore that. That’s a part of my “religion experiment.”

    Nice to see the journal is still going strong. I don’t have to motivation to do things like that.

  2. OK Marlize, this is your Online Father here! We have already had “the talk” so go out there, have fun, enjoy your infatuation, have a good time, smile, laugh, soak it in…..but be careful…..and carry a big club to smack him with if you feel the urge! 🙂 Good Luck Online Daughter! 🙂

  3. dude! where’s my online father!? You know about all those harassing creeps I go to school with!

    This is exciting Marlize, and don’t think that negative kind of thing! date! have fun! think positive! thats an order!

  4. Well, like some others have said already, just have some fun! Go with the flow but don’t go attaching yourself. I know how much the “detaching period” sucks.

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