Random catching up!


I am happy!! =]

But first up… Day 12!

Journal about a song or lyrics that means a lot to you, or that you like a lot!

I choose Pretend from the movie Bandslam. It is one of my favourite movies ever and the song is SOOOOOOOOO pretty!


Almost every one is familiar with the Infatuation by now… Well I went out with him last night, just an informal visit at one of his work friends and it was AMAZING! Every one liked me, he made me feel amazing and I am slowly falling… Deeper and deeper…

But I am still trying VERY hard to guard my heart!


Remember the ‘there is no talent at work’-line…. Well that haven’t changed, but there is this one guy who likes me… Sweet, but we work together, so it’s a NO-GO!!


I am STILL owing Holly a guest post! [sorry Girl!] and will try very hard to put it up tonight.


In other guest post related news, I have reached 800 comments!!!!! It is so cool!


NaNoWriMo…. SUCKS!! Week one is gone and I have got….. just under a thousand words. I am so disappointed in me! And anywho, WHAT ON EARTH POSSESSED me to sign up for it??


Lastly, I just want to once more say thanks… To every one reading this blog, caring for me, worrying about me, cheering me on. I adore this. I have a place in my heart for every one of you and when I am one day a succesful writer I will fly all of you here for a week-long South African holiday!

And my sister, I know I bite your head of some days, and am not the most amazing 19-year old around, but you love me still and if I need something I know you will be there for me. You rule sis!!!!!!


Have a great day people!!


4 thoughts on “Random catching up!

  1. Im so happy that things are working out for u!!! This guy better know what a gem he has found and better take care of u! 🙂 *hugs*

    P.S…. did I miss my guest post? 😦

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