What a [hilarious] day!!

Anyone who has been in contact with me today will know I am a bit out of it… Why??? LOOOOOONG story! But do not fret that will come up.

But firstly, Day 13!!

List SIX things you never want to or can’t live without….

I hope you can read all of that…

Now it is time for Magic Monday… This is wishes I feel like needing right now…

  • I wish…. My heart was made of stone or at least a few bricks
  • I wish…. Friends would never hurt you!
  • I wish…. For men to realize the powers the have over a girl’s heart!
  • I wish…. Every one knew the powers a friendly smile and some support could do to you
  • I wish…. Them happiness, but not if it causes me misery!
  • I wish…. She would realize I actually am her friend!
  • I wish…. He would know how much it hurt me…
  • I wish…. To quickly bounce back from sadness!

Yeah…. I take it for granted that most of you realized by now that I got hurt BAD by the Infatuation… And some one else! But I don’t want to elaborate… But if you really want to know e-mail or Facebook me…

Thank you all for being here, being true and not being backstabbers!!

I truly love my blog family!! [Layla you too!]

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