A quickie!!


Just so you know, I am still fine and alive! [This is not a ghost speaking!]

I just want to put a journal post up before I go to sleep…

Prompt 14!

What made you happy this week/day? 5 things!!!

=] See, I am happy!

Sleep tight!! =]


2 thoughts on “A quickie!!

  1. Marlize my dear Internet daughter….first of all… “A Quickie!” is quite a post name….but might attract the wrong types of fellows to your site! Goofy girl!!! Second…..focus your camera!!! I have been staring for hours and still cant make out what the journal says….”You fed your fingers to the wolverines???” at least that’s what it looks like! And finally, I was glad to hear your voice and hear that you seemed to be in good spirits after what the jerk and jerkette did to you! Keep your spirits up! Good things will come to you….while those two will be in store for lots of bad stuff…..(at least if my voodoo spell works correctly) Have a great day! No paper cuts!! Sincerely, MOCK

    1. Lol, I thought it sounded funny…. =]
      Lol, I am sorry! I only now saw how blurred it is! I will take another photo!
      I am fine, but hurt, still upset, but mostly in good spirit!!
      Teach me voodoo!!
      Have a great day MOCK!!!

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