One day….

Hey ! ! ! !

I am feeling a but blue today… For no apparent reason! But apparently this means I come up with new ideas…

But before I tell you my great new idea, a prompt…

Day 17…

Things you want to achieve, see yourself do, one day… Basically  it’s a wish list for the future!

Does any one else notice the strange purple flash in the background of the first photo??? I am now baffled as to where that came from and forgot every thing else I wanted to say!!

I realized I should give you a reason for why I may disappear for the weekend…

The one girl I work with is moving into a flat, her first alone ‘home’ and we all volunteered to help her move, also I am hosting a BBQ tomorrow afternoon, with about ten friends, drinking games and some good, solid fun!!! So you will most probably only hear from me on Sunday, but maybe I will post early tomorrow morning before getting the house ‘visit-ready’

Oh yes!! The Idea…

I came up with this well a few minutes ago and haven’t thought it through a lot, like a lot of my ideas…..

After the journal challenge I want to continue with another challenge and I decided to make one up myself again…

Revealing me!

This will be like TRUTH and dare on steroids… I give every single person out there permission to ask me ANYTHING [except my physical address and things that will let you stalk me] and I WILL answer it as honestly as possible. I will remind you about it every now and then and it will start a week after the end of the journal challenge!

I hope it will be a 30 day challenge [if I get enough Q’s] You may ask more than one question, you can comment, mail or FB them to me.

All Q’s will be thrown into a bowl and picked at random, and get answered every morning!!

Hope you all  join in to reveal who I am!!! lol, that sounded odd!

Have a great day weird people of the blog-o-sphere!!!


11 thoughts on “One day….

  1. My wish-list for the near future: pass my cpa exam then travel to: Spain, Thailand, Greece, Poland, China and teach English…there’s this awesome website I stumbled across 🙂 I’m really excited..i’m hoping in 2 years I can leave travel and EXPLORE!


    Awesome idea with the truth/dare. You should get a formspring! 🙂

  2. On the subjects of your cats names…. We used to have a “Phoebe”…..can u figure out where we came up with that name? 🙂

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