Ummmm, hey!?

Okay, let the fighting and screaming ensue!!!

I know I once again disappeared… I did warn you about the weekend, didn’t I…

But Saturday at the BBQ my speakers decided to just give up on working… So I was VERY irritated with my PC and didn’t touch it for two days… By then I was WELL behind on reading posts, and some how I can post before I read all your posts and comments!

Tuesday and Wednesday thunder cut me short and I was once again very annoyed with the PC… So last night was spent reading about a hundred missed posts!!

Now it is at last my turn. I will post a journal entry tomorrow! Promise… If I don’t you can all boycott me!

In other [non-related] news.. A friend of me lost her mom to lung cancer this week, and I am VERY affected by all of this. Bad thoughts keep annoying me…

And me and my sister have been fighting this whole week, perhaps it is due to the fact that we see so little of each other but the fights are more present than ever!!

Now I am feeling I should at least put some substance int his post… So here is an on the spot poem…


Losing some one,
it can’t be easy…
Losing you,
it would be worse…
Having you around,
would make it better.
Having you here,
is the only highlight.
Never leave me…
I know we fight.
Never go away…
I won’t make it!!!!


Lovely day to you all!!! =]


10 thoughts on “Ummmm, hey!?

  1. I’m gonna have to come over there and ground you two aren’t I? You sit in one corner and your sister in the other until you come to your senses! Have a good weekend Marlize! 🙂

  2. My sister and I see eachother every day and we fight a lot. When I see people who have a better relationship with their siblings I get jealous.

    That’s a nice poem you wrote, did you really come up with that on the spot?

  3. I’m very sorry for such a loss. It’s never easy for anyone Marlize. Keep your chin up and know that I give you my sympathies. I know I am just some blog chick you know, but if you would like to e-mail me fill your boots.

    1. Thanks!!
      It warms me to know you all are just an e-mail away.
      And just so you know, you are never just ‘some blog chick’!
      You are part of my blog ‘family’!!!

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