Pretty little snapshots!!



I am back!!! Lol I think I curse myself every time I assure you all that I am FINALLY back on a regular basis!

But FOR NOW I am back. I even have a journal page to prove it!!

Prompt 18…

snapshots of your life…

I really like this page, but I think it is mainly because I enjoy drawing Polaroids! =]

So yeah! Whaddya think???

I am not the best company these days… I don’t know what is wrong with me.

But for now I don’t care, because I am in full Potter mode!!!

I have been reading the books for about a month now and is now busy with Book 4. And it is in times like these where I wish I was living overseas…. To go and see a midnight preview and get BUTTERBEER!!!

*Sigh* but for now I am patiently waiting….

Have a lovely night you all! And do remember to send me some questions for my truth challenge!!!


7 thoughts on “Pretty little snapshots!!

  1. Have you seen the latest HP film yet? I saw it today, it’s awesome!

    Okay a question now… what’s the stupidest thing you’ve considered doing, but either haven’t done yet or will probably never actually do?

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