It was Bloody Brilliant!!

In case you don’t have me on FB and didn’t read the hundred statuses about me going to watch Harry Potter 7 last night, I went to watch HP7 last night!!!

And the only possible words to describe it is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

I had my doubts…. Because a lot of people said it didn’t live up to their expectations, but to me it was amazing!!! But my professional opinion later!


The evening began on the drive, I made us [me and Sis] a mix CD with some chart topping songs which got us straight into a party mood and little could burst my bubble!


When we got to Clearwater Mall we discovered that a whole bunch of new shops opened up since our last visit there and after we got our tickets we went exploring and searched for a great place to have dinner. But before we could even think of dinner Sister discovered Marcels, a FroYo place….

My love for Frozen Yogurt is still to be discovered so I settled for dark chocolate ice-cream while sis enjoyed Vanilla FroYo. The best part of that, except the chocolate, was my Yum card! Its a card where, once it is full of stickers, I get a free small tub of ice-cream! Rewards for eating ice cream??? I’m in!

We then decided on Juicy Lucy for dinner, a sweet lace with the greatest breakfast!! But I decided it was WAY too late for breakfast breakfast, so I decided to order a Bacon Cheesa [rye bread with bacon and YUMMY cheese sauce] while sis ate a bacon and chicken wrap!

I just realized how weird all that sounded as dinner!!! =]

Finally it was time for HP!!

I promise no spoilers!

I loved every moment of the movie…

It was very true to the book, not so very rushed liked the 6th movie, although the time went by WAY too fast, and before I knew I was crying and the movie was done! [If you read the books, you would know why I was crying, if not, I promised no spoilers!]

There was perhaps one part that wasnt in the book, but otherwise every important part was there, they did a great job with filling in the blanks the previous movies created, and what I loved the most was the dialogue, it was unbelievably true to the book!

One thing that I didn’t like, like most people, was the ending! It was very sudden… But it had to happen, other it would’ve been a six-hour movie, or a very vague movie! So kudos to Warner Bros to making it so very amazing!!!

Who watched it already?? What did you think???



8 thoughts on “It was Bloody Brilliant!!

  1. I was one of those people who had their expectations too high. I just wish they didn’t cut out so many relevant parts of the book like the Arianna accusation, the Dudley scene, Lupin/Harry’s argument at Grimmald Place, etc. It was still good though, I think Part 2 will be better.

    1. Very true!! A lot of relevant parts was missing, but the parts that was there was very good! Lol, I think I am in love with the movie….
      I was looking forward to the whole Regulus story, the Lupin/Harry argument, and the planning of the Ministry-invasion. Small things that could’ve been added!
      But I am on pins and needles for part 2!!!

  2. A bunch of my friends went to see it, and they loved it!
    However, I haven’t seen any of the movies, or read any of the books, and most of my friends said that it probably wouldn’t be something that i would enjoy much, so I can hardly relate here 😛

  3. =[ I am sad that you haven’t discovered the awesomeness of HP yet!
    But if it is something most people think you wouldn’t enjoy, then I advise against making yourself read/watch it. Because that usually ends up in disaster!
    But look at me, every one thought I would hate Lord of the Rings and now I love it! [The obvious fact of Orlando Bloom as an elf is ignored in this example!] [This was so random…..]

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