Almost Christmas!!!

Tomorrow is the 1st of December!

WOW!!! Where did this year go??? Before I [finally] put up a journal page… Here is the Top Ten Things I want for Christmas!! =]

  1. A laptop… LOL
  2. A BlackBerry
  3. A Webcam [okay now I’m done with the tech stuff!]
  4. A snazzy new handbag!
  5. BOOKS!!!!
  6. Harry Potter Box set DVD’s!
  7. HIMYM DVD’s
  8. A week-long vacation with the Sister!
  9. Small pretty things…. [Lol, I like random pretty things Okay!!!]
  10. A new duvet set!

Weirdest list ever…. What do you wish for this Christmas??

Now, a journal post!!!


This one is all about guilty pleasures… I named my page “I secretly Love….” so I went with that rather than guilty pleasures, but it’s all the same!!

I KNOW Glee is a secret nor guilty pleasure, but how can I NOT put it in???

Hope you have a great day!!!


9 thoughts on “Almost Christmas!!!

  1. Guess what Mahvalize… my latest post brought a link to your post, this one to my related articles! lol! I thought that was great! 🙂 Anywho, I do hope you will participate 🙂

  2. Madaaaaame! I have missed your blog to the fullest extent! (I’m back on WordPress) Wonderful post; I’m forever awed by your bubbliness which lightens up the screen (and my day) and your unbelievable creative abilities 😀

    1. Classic! You won’t believe how glad I was to see your last post!! Only because it linked me to your new blog! I am already subscibed [if the stoopid thing worked this time!] So I won’t miss a thing… =]
      Thank you for the very sweet compliments!

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