Kerfuffle! =]

I HEART reading!!! See that word? ^ up there! KERFUFFLE, another word for chaos, I discovered it in Harry Potter 5 and it is officially my new favourite word! =] [I haven’t a clue what was my old favourite word!!]

But anywho, I am taking part in a soundtrack challenge! I discovered it HERE while reading my daily dose of Kellie!

basically copy the parts in black, put you playlist/iPod/computer on shuffle and list the first 18 songs in their number placing! [I do hope that made sense to YOU!] My songs are in this colour, and I am doing this as I type!!

Song #1: Opening Credits Summer of 69 [Bryan Adams]

Song #2: Waking Up Black Velvet [No Idea]

Song #3: 1st Day of School Coward of the county [Kenny Rogers] Very weird…

Song #4: Falling In Love Eh, Eh [Lady Gaga]

Song #5: Fight Song American Boy [Estelle & Kanye West]

Song #6: Breaking Up Lemon Tree [Fool’s Garden] Quite fitting!

Song #7: Prom Mercy [Duffy]

Song #8: Life Skater Boy [Avril Lavigne] LOL!

Song #9: Mental Breakdown Shot through the heart [Bon Jovi]

Song #10: Driving Please forgive me [Bryan Adams]

Song #11: Flashback Sexy Bitch [Akon] weird……

Song #12: Getting Back Together 8 World Wonder [Kimberly Locke]

Song #13: Wedding Everything Burns [Anastacia ft. Ben Moodley]

Song #14:  Birth of Child Boots were made for walking [Coyote ugly]

Song #15: Final Battle Brick by Boring Brick [Paramore] So the best!! =]

Song #16: Death Scene I will do anything for you [Meatloaf] wow…

Song #17: Funeral Scene Mine – Taylor Swift

Song #18: End credits My life would suck without you [Kelly Clarkson]

Lol, I promise you I did not cheat once! And that turned out so cool!

I am going away this weekend on a work function to the bosses farm! So I may be missing, but I am thinking of scheduling my journal posts!

Please, go visit my Truth Challenge-section and leave me a question! Challenge will start as soon as I have 30 questions!!



4 thoughts on “Kerfuffle! =]

    1. For some reason I am having trouble putting Glee songs on my phone!! And I made the playlist from my phone…. That is the only reason for the absence of Glee!| =]

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