Weeeeeeeeekend Baby!!!

Lol, heya every one!!!

In exactly 4 and a half hours my weekend starts!!!


So any who, I didn’t have a chance to pre-post the journals post, so I will have to leave you in silence this weekend! *sigh*

But here is Day 3 of my 25 Days of Christmas!!! =]

I want…. An endless supplies of my monthly girly magazines!!! =]

I wish…. For every one to know how amazing they are!!! Some people just don’t get that they are wonderful human beings! Amazing people who needs to know they are the best!!!! So YOU, tell yourself right now that you are great, and you better believe it!

That is my wants and wishes!!! Do share yours!!


16 thoughts on “Weeeeeeeeekend Baby!!!

  1. Giggles – You know….here in the US….”Girly Magazines” means mags with naked women right? 🙂

    YOU are the best Marlize! Have a great weekend ya heartbreaker! 🙂

  2. Hey!
    I have started a new blog and I will go around tagging bloggers to answer random surveys I post. Congratulations, you are the first one *drumroll*!
    It would mean the world to me if you take part. Just click over my name for details…:)

  3. hey! catching up..slowly LOL. I want to be able to find boots that I fall in love with not only the style but the price… HAHA

    Actually, I’m really hoping I find awesome gifts for my family. . .

  4. Hey Giggles….. I never heard anything on the news about South Africa falling off the face of the planet…..so GET BACK TO BLOGGING!!!! Quit batting your eyelashes at the puppy dog and write!! Same with your Sister! Kick her out of bed and get her butt back on the computer as well!!! Come on!!! Chop Chop!!! 🙂

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