Oh, you didn’t miss me, did you???


This post was supposed to go up on FRIDAY!! But my computer is very very nasty with me and only works after heavy persuasion [a kick or five] and I only got it up TODAY!!!! So sorry

BTW, Mark, I do hope you feel better!

Wow… I almost appeared to drop of the face of the earth didn’t I?!?!

I am SO sorry, but it’s not like any one missed me =]

Let’s recap!!!

So, the weekend [last weekend] was ‘farm weekend’ with the work people!!

Well. Actually it wasn’t a real farm and we were more in the lake than in the bush! But it was fantastic!! I didn’t go to sleep till past two, the whole weekend!! And Saturday we ‘RAVED’ with my boss and his wife!! And his little ten-year old girl [my new favourite person ever] stayed up with us till one!! She is legendary…

The weekend was all about games, fishing [not me!!!!!!!!!], swimming, drinking and gossiping! I loved every single second of it!!


Sunday I fell asleep the second I SAW my bed and I only turned on my PC Monday evening, when the thunder-storm attacked me!!! So that was another no go!


Tuesday evening was our year-end function and we went to Turffontein to play horses! So wicked!! I had a few lucky strikes and was very lucky on my last horse ‘Formidable’ it was his first run and I played him for a win! And he WON!!!!!

Such an amazing feeling!


Wednesday night was ladies night with the Sister! We went for a movie and cocktails and reconnected a bit, the movie [a local production] sucked a bit, but that didn’t matter!

Once again I got home past ten!


Thursday was my boss’s birthday and we went to Ocean Basket [not the best place for an anti-seafood person]. Before hand me and three of the ladies from work went for Cosmo’s!! And at Ocean Basket, we chilled there until ten!!! But it was such a great night! I was ‘initiated’  with a Women’s Revenge [some random shot] and I have never laughed so much!!!


Today was a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired day at work, we spent half the time lounging around and still got work done [wow] and now my main goal for the weekend is catching up on sleep, hopefully next week will be less busy!

But I will update on my journal, and post throughout the weekend, just to make you all sick of me, just incase I disappear again!! =]

Until I post again, here is a few photies!!! =]




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