My apologies!!

Hey lovely readers og my blog!!!

This post is all about apologies!!!


Well, because it is my blog and I can say what I wanna blog about! =]

  1. Apologies to Kellie for neglecting her 25 days of Christmas wish-list!
  2. Apologies to THIS guy, for still not completing his questions!!
  3. Apologies to MYSELF for not finishing my journal challenge!
  4. Apologies to all of you for not blogging so frequently!
  5. To all I need to apologize to and have forgotten/didn’t know

But I know apologies alone cannot solve the problems, so I will try do finish the journal challenge before week-end, as well as the questions [surveys] for YourJadedVoices.

As for my wishlist, I am hoping to resume regular wishing tomorrow.

For now, me and my lovely sister are going to the movies [yes AGAIN!] and I am anticipating a night of great fun!!

Be good y’all!! =]


6 thoughts on “My apologies!!

  1. I think you need to grovel and beg for our forgiveness just a little bit more…… πŸ™‚ We missed ya Marlize! Leave us again for so long, we will break your ankle!

  2. Thank you for taking part. I apologize for not reading them until now (the pingback didn’t show up and I umm forgot to visit this blog again).
    O and it is a girl not a guy. πŸ™‚
    And thank you so much for taking part (again). Having a great time reading the answers. πŸ™‚

  3. Lol, yeah that was my fault…
    I’m sorry! I am usually good at guessing genders on blogs! Somehow I messed this one up.. =]
    It is my pleasure, next time I will do the pingback properly! =]

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