Survey 2!

Hey lovely people out there!

It’s time for another survey, found here…

I am really enjoying all this random questions about me! [yes, I like getting attention]

Who is the last person you called? My mom=]

What do you use to IM? FB chat, Gmail chat, Skype or MXit. An IM service here in SA

What is your home page? Google

How many e-mails do you have? At the moment, 1

Do you hear voices? Lol, in my head sometimes…

Do you like to blow bubbles? YES! Makes me feel small again!

Have you ever eaten any bubbles? I think I actually did once!

Do you like candy apples? To be honest… I have never eaten one yet…

Do you like cotton candy? ADORE IT!!!!!!

Do you enjoy fairs? Yes, I think it is great fun.

Do you like playing with fire? Real fire, no. Getting my self in trouble kind of fire… Yes =]

Have you ever been in an ambulance? Nope. Been beside one, but not inside!

Have you ever had stitches? Two, I cut my own finger open… [Stop judging! I was five!!! ]

Have you ever had any ex-rays? I remember I was in an ex-ray room once [let me go ask mom] I mean yes! =]

Ever had to have surgery? My tonsils… That’s that

Who or what were you named after? No one.



What is your favorite perfume? Oh, that would be Pink Happiness.

What is your favorite store? As long as I can walk around and fit clothes I am happy

Where did you get your clothes you are wearing? Top-Mr Price, Short jean-Jet

Do you like to go to the mall? LOVE IT!! =]

What do you fear? Spiders, thunder, crawly bugs, ducks, losing my family

What did you have for supper? Take-aways – Chicken Mayo Salad

Well that was fun!!! =]

Just a heads up, I am planning a fairly ‘personal’ [boys] post and I will be password protected… Just incase! So if you see that, just e-mail me, and if I am certain you aren’t one of the ‘discussed subjects’ you will receive the password!

Be good!

PS, do the survey!!!!! =]


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