My blogging Family…

I dedicate this poem to every single one of you… My Blog Family.

You touch my heart
From a million miles away
You fill my soul
With a thousand smiles a day
Never forget…
These post we share,
I know there is many,
But they are rare…
I love you dearly,
I really do!
Not a day goes by,
Without thinking of you.
This is simple words,
They aren’t really fit.
To say what I feel,
I’ll need a whole new bit!

Yes, okay the last line sucked a bit… Lol. But I think it is pretty good for something made up on the spot!

You guys really deserve more than an impromptu poem, these words aren’t enough! Which is why I am inviting EVERY ONE of you who has ever commented [or haven’t] on my blog to write me a guest  post. To be released on the day I get a 1000 comments![Just write anything up you want, and e-mail it to me!] []

I really want you all to be part of this special occasion, because without you all, this blog wouldn’t be!

I love you!!!!


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