Holly the Strange!

OOHHHH! Sorry Holly! But once again I almost forgot about you! I am bad!!! =[

So this site now has 1000 comments (that’s a big number!) So for my guest post I decided to try something based on that number. Recently I’ve been thinking about life in the year 2019, so for this I’ve decided to go ever further into the future to bring you:

1000 Years In The Future: What Will Life Be Like? (Speculation Shortlist Of 10.)

-Everyone will be part of a social networking site out of necessity (because all communication will happen on this social networking site.)

-Technology will be smaller.

-CDs wont exist, all music will be downloaded.

-There will be some weird jobs created to replace the ones lost through making things more efficient.

-A lot of music will sound the same. The choices will be: Pop/R&B or pop-rock (All Time Low style.) Or something along the lines of every artist/band in every genre sounding and looking the same.

-People will see life as we currently know it in museums and study it in History lessons.

-There will be some form of virtual reality gaming system.

-Several species of animal alive today will be extinct, newly evolved relatives of these species will be around though.

-People will be going on holiday all over the world, and maybe into space.

-hmmm… maybe the world will end?

I know that this isn’t as imaginative as you’d like, but all that “robots”, “flying cars” and whatever else has already been covered by a lot of sci-fi Tv shows, movies and what not. So I decided to go for some potentially more realistic ideas.

Hope you enjoyed that one!!! =]


2 thoughts on “Holly the Strange!

  1. Great Job Holly! Vacationing in Space would be cool! Maybe I could find my brain up there since my wife is always claiming that my mind is in outer space….. 🙂

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