Madame Classic!

It seems wrong calling the girl any other name… =] Meet Classic from [ ]

Walking contentedly to her computer, the girl sits. No one knows where the words come from, the easy flow and rhythm of sentences and wit and flair which cause each reader to return for yet another genuine emotional high. Rain turned to sunshine, wilted turned to bloomed, crawl turned to stride, all through the words of this simple, remarkable person. And of course the day came, the day in which we all had in the back of our minds (even if our minds were not even aware of it).

We all knew it was inevitable. It simply had to come about. The event had to occur.

Marlize’s blog has reached 1000 comments.

Yes, I am talking about the chica from every Girl’s Corner who deserves to have an entire blog post written on her behalf in honor of this impressive feat because, come now, can you really read a single blog post and not come away in a lighter mood than when you came? [awwwwwwww]

I still remember the first post I read from Marlize, from when I first saw her blog. And what struck me most swiftly and dead-on was that, this girl doesn’t try to be witty or uplifting or use blogospheric rhetoric to get readers. She does it all without trying. What made me take notice was the contentment I felt in reading her posts; the simple happiness that comes from completing the rereading of a favorite novel with a happy ending or when one see’s a stranger helping a stranger in the street, all with no expectation of getting something in return. That is the feeling of reading her blog, and indeed, ’tis something to be envied.

And so, all WordPressers, the next time you find yourself with an unelusive raincloud hounding you, or perhaps feeling a bit guilty about buying those darned shoes or that wallet that you now have no money to put into because you used it to buy the wallet, make yourself some holiday cocoa and head over to this girl’s blog. Not only will you have found a good read, you will have found a great friend.


OMW I love this post to bits!! Thanks Classic… =]


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