Mark ‘The Idiot’

Finally, Mark’s! I doubt a link is necessary, as he has written me over a hundred posts by now!! =]

Hello everyone, this is Mark from The Idiot Speaketh, writing my 237th Guest post for Marlize in recognition of her 1,000th comment on her wonderful blog. Usually I would make up some goofy fictional story about Marlize but today I find myself in more of a serious mood.

At some point in this past year, I was introduced to a blog written by a bubbly South African teen named Marlize. Marlize started reading and commenting on my blog, and I on hers. Her wonderful upbeat and bubbly personality just shined on her blog. I was having some serious problems with depression and it was always nice to know that I could go to Marlize’s blog and would quickly come away with a smile on my face. Marlize has a unique gift of making each of her readers feel like family, true family. I think all of you that read her blog would agree with me!

I became Facebook friends with Marlize and would sometimes chat with her, quickly finding out that she is just as great of a human being as what you read of her on her blog. She introduced me to her wonderful Sister Leandri, and then her Mother Elsa. I have even had the good fortune to meet her Grandmother via Skype. Marlize and her family are like members of my own family now. She is truly a remarkable young woman that we all are extremely blessed to call our friend. You cannot ask for a better friend than Marlize. I jokingly call her my Internet daughter. To me, she is my daughter. I thank the blogging world every day for giving me such a great and wonderful daughter.

Have a great day Marlize!

We all love you!

Mark G. Pakulak
Your Online Dad

:”] [that is tears…] I don’t have words!!! =]


2 thoughts on “Mark ‘The Idiot’

  1. Wonderful post Mark! I am glad to have met you through Marlize. You are correct though, she is one great friend, even as a sister!

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