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One Thousand comments.
Wow, do you have one thousand comments? I can’t say I have one thousand comments but Marlize does. In celebration of one thousand comments, I, Melanie a faithful reader but not so faithful commenter gets to write a guest post. Thank you very much for the honors, Marlize.[My pleasure Madame!!]
Actually, I have another guest post for Marlize in the works.
Imagine one thousand. One thousand books. One thousand letters. One thousand dollars. You can do alot or a little with the number one thousand depending on what the one thousand consists of.
So, say you’re given one thousand. What would you ask one thousands of? Friends? Money? Letters? Posts? Comments? Readers? Followers?
Me? Sadly, I’d probably split the one thousand into different things… money, books, posts, clothes, shoes, purses. They would accumulate to one thousand!

Lucky for Marlize she can cross one thousand comments off her list!

Thanks Mel!! I have no idea what I would choose…

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