The life of Jamie!

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Ms. Marlize asked me to write a guest post and I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to write.   I took another quick look at the about me section of her blog here and was inspired!  Even though she is 13 years significantly younger than I am, we have a lot in common!

Below are her likes and dislikes…next to them is my commentary-


Reading– I too love to read, but only as long as it is chick lit, or things that don’t make me have to think too much.  I read for enjoyment, not to edumacate myself.

Writing- I have loved writing since I could write.  I started writing a mystery novel at the worldly age of 10, and have been writing ever since, and until I started blogging, was too chicken to share it with anyone.

Coffee- can’t really share this one with M…coffee gives me heartburn and on the rare occasion I do drink it, It is more like coffee flavored sugar vs. coffee.

Laying in bed and daydreaming– I love my bed.  My bed is one of my favorite places.  It’s a California King and has a 6 inch pillow top which is perfectly molded to my body.  Everyone loves my bed- my kids are always in it (much to my dismay) and every night after a long day, I flop into bed, and melt into the mattress…I don’t have much time to daydream these days- I normally pass out, but I used to day dream.  I need to get back to that!

Blogging- I am addicted to my little blog, and my friends blogs.  It is a wonderful little family that I have been jumped into and I don’t want to leave my little blogosphere ever.  It helped me through my baby blues and now is just plain fun!

Spending time with my family and friends- I enjoy this too- although I certainly miss any alone time that I used to have,  My besties these days are in the form of a 1 and 2 year old…and sometimes, no matter how hard I try and phase them out, they claw their way back in!

Listening to music- this is where M and I are absolutely the same- we love GLEE!  We are total GLEEKS.  As soon as every Glee album is available on iTunes, I download it, sing it in my car, and even have my children addicted to it.  My husband hates it, but he grew up in the ghetto and listens to hood rat music.  He knows better than to interrupt me during a Glee moment!

Poems– M has lost me here.  I was an English major in college with an absolute hatred for poetry.  It just doesn’t make sense to me!

Flash Fiction– not even sure what this is!

Paramore- I think this is a musical group- but again…M is a dozen few years younger than me so I am not quite up on all the pop culture!

Photos- I love to take pictures.  My entire house is covered in photography (not all mine) and since I got a Canon Rebel for my birthday- I am more into now than ever.  I can’t wait to start taking more and more…I would love to come to South Africa and take some pictures of the animals there…J



Avocado’s- I am a California Girl (we’re undeniable…)- I love avocados and would eat them every day if they weren’t so damn fattening!

Peas- Amen!  Whoever invented the pea is an idiot.  I also feel the same way about mushrooms and shrimp.  No one needs to eat those.

Backstabbing– Nobody likes a backstabber.  Nobody.

Hypocrites– these people are pretty annoying…say one thing, do another.  Be up front- be who you are, not who you think everyone wants you to be!

(This is my hate and I know M will VEHEMENTLY disagree)…Justin Beiber!  Somebody beat this kid up and cut his hair!!!


My list of hates would be a little longer, but it’s good that M is not jaded and really only hates 4 things, 2 of which happen to be food!


If I ever get to South Africa, I am looking up Ms. M…and I hope to travel there someday- if anything, I just want to listen to people talk- I love the accent! J

Awwww thanx Jamie!! I love this!!!


3 thoughts on “The life of Jamie!

  1. Great post Jamie! Gleeks huh? Gah!!!! I have had the pleasure of Skyping with Marlize…. her accent is awesome! I wish I could program her voice for my GPS in the car! 🙂

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