The Lovely Layla…

My last guest post for the celebrations is by my stunning sister, Layla [Leandri]. Please do go check her yummy-liciuos food blog out!! HERE I also wrote her a guest post so check that out to!!

What are you waiting for, go!!!!! =]

Hmm, what to write about my sweet sister?

Okay, seeing as se is so keen on Top 10 Lists, maybe a top 10 on why she is so sweet?

  1. She can be very funny, makes you laugh.
  2. She loves reading almost more than I do.
  3. She speaks her mind.
  4. She likes treating someone, which is great for us at home.
  5. She loves telling a story, and although it drives us crazy sometimes, its great to listen to!
  6. She is a very enthusiastic person with what she does.
  7. Likes adventures.
  8. She is a great sister, albeit the fact that I want to strangle her sometimes.
  9. She is always there when I need her.
  10. Lastly, Marlize is just Marlize, my giggling, bubbly sister!

Sis, congrats on making a 1000! I was one of the first that read your blog and have seen you grow with it. Hope there is another 1000 to come very soon!

Love you big time!

Love you more sis!!!

From tomorrow, hopefully, normal blogging will continue! Thanks for everyone who took part in the celebrations of the weekend… Love you all! =]


3 thoughts on “The Lovely Layla…

  1. Great List Layla! I find it hard to imagine that there could be any two sisters better than the both of you! Your parents did great! 🙂

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