Wishing on a star….

Today is the first Magic Monday of the year!! And I already had a few ideas for wishes throughout the day…

But first let me introduce you to the newest blog regime, it is not that different, but there is a few new ones!! =]

Magic Monday… An old one, I make wishes, some silly, some not… But all things I would like!!

Check-’em Tuesday… I have been wanting to ‘spotlight’ some of my fav blogs and place on the web for a while now and now I have given myself a place to do that at!

Watching Wednesday… This is like Wordless Wednesday, but with a few words. This post will consists mostly out of pics!

Darn Thursday… I struggled with a name for this one! But yeah, this is what I came up with… But basically it is a best and worst of the week…

Fiction Friday… Explanation unnecessary

Simple Saturday… This will be my random day. I can do what I want, but mostly it will be a randomness blog post!

Resolution Sunday… Here I will discuss the ‘upholding’ of my resolutions, which I will put up sometime this week!


And that is the new regime!!!! =]

Now unto the theme of the day…

I wish….

  • There was more guys like him, who respect and understands my views, but still has the guts to disagree!
  • I could muster the self control to eat less
  • There was more money in my bank account
  • My mom the best birthday ever tomorrow
  • My PC isn’t screwed
  • TO stop thinking about the past
  • To forget him once and for all, because it ain’t doing me any good

My wishes for this week….

Please note… This regime is mere guidelines, I know I can’t blog every day [not as long as my PC is screwed] and will there fore post when I can, and will just ignore the theme passed…


Love you all and thanx for reading!!!!


4 thoughts on “Wishing on a star….

  1. Marlize….I want you to lean in real close to your screen…..closer….closer….closer….come on…get your face right up against the screen! ……. Now…I am gently grabbing the sides of your face….and then am ramming your head repeatedly into the screen until you are unconscious and fall to the floor! Forget about that guy!!!! He is not worth it!!!! You can do so much better and you deserve so much better!! Quit making me ram your head into your pc!!! 🙂

  2. ohhhh you should do something for the wish jar & magic monday!! we could do something together! YOU need to do a guest post for ME!!!! 🙂 On MAGIC MONDAY for Magic in the Backyard! huh? huh? please???? good idea huh??? lol!

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