The best and worst of my week!!!

Darn Thursday…. How appropriate…

Today alone was filled with numerous best and worst, and so was the week! But let’s start with the worst and go on from there!!! =]

Worst of the week…

  • Finding out my harddrive crashed and I may or may not lose ALL my stories!!!! =[
  • Being bribed into making coffee at work till end of FEBRUARY!!!
  • getting a BAD stomach flu
  • Crying multiple times…
  • Throwing my back out!!!

Best of the week!!!!

  • Getting a cream donut in exchange for the coffee bribe
  • Waking up recharged all week!
  • Getting free cold drink…
  • Hearing I can, from now on, wear jeans to work as long as I look neat!! =]
  • Sticking mostly to my diet [except for the donut]

I am starting to think this was a great week! The atmosphere at work was great, mom had her birthday, and ignoring the minor sickness and major headache [and sad PC news!!!]. It was actually good!

Any best or worst you want to share…???


5 thoughts on “The best and worst of my week!!!

  1. Oooh I really hope you don’t lose your stories! That would really suck….
    Gotta love feeling recharged!

    PS: I guess if you got bored with Ratatouille and didn’t even see the whole thing then I guess I can’t fault you. Haha…

  2. aw… im sorry you had such an up and down week.

    read about my best buy guy failures lol.


    can’t wait to see how you’ve been doing more recently 🙂

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