Tasting colours…


I know, I know… I am way back into the dog box! But the PC is STILL messed up and I just can’t find time to post!!!!

So here follows another randomness update on my life!!


I’m back into writing!!! I wrote one and a half short stories this week and I have been thinking about my Afrikaans novel A LOT!!! Once my PC is fixed I will try and finish of a chapter or two!


I had a ‘badish’ work week! It is almost time for me to hear if I am officially appointed [I was on a 3 month probation term] and due to all this stress of wanting to be appointed, I am making STUPID mistakes… Nothing major, but big enough for me to fret about!!!


One day last week [or sometime] SuzyPie and I went out for lunch and we came about the subject of colours… How would YOU describe colour to a blind person, a person born blind!

Imagine not knowing how the sky looks like, we take it for granted… Well we came up with a solution, a rather silly idea actually, but then again, all my ideas are! =]

Tasting colours…. Think about it for a moment… What colour do you taste while eating the following???

  • CandyFloss [pink]
  • Chocolate [brown]
  • Liqourice [black]
  • Grapes [purple]
  • Strawberries or cherries [red]
  • Bubblegum [blue]

Yes I know I am weird!


Movies watched these past few days… Burlesque: Totally utterly STUNNING!!!!!!!! And yesterday we went to go see Love and other drugs: Kinda weird to start with, but once you get the feel of the movie it is really a beautiful love story!!! And there is no better actress than Anne Hathaway!!


I went for a driving lesson in Sister’s car… I nearly killed half the town including us and then almost thrashing her car twice!!! I was never so nervous in my live!!!! I am clearly not ready for a drivers license!!!


Me looking STUNNING in my antique sunglasses and pwetty hair! =]


Oky, I am all out of news! As always I will promise to try and write more, but if I fail, I am not dead! =] I am just busy!!

Love =]



7 thoughts on “Tasting colours…

  1. Don’t worry about the driving, I am still so bad at it myself that my parents wont even take me out to practice!

  2. Leave it you to make my head hurt! 🙂 I have no clue how you would describe colors to a blind person. Thanks! Now, I will be thinking about this all night! 🙂

  3. I still want to see both Burlesque and Love and Other Drugs! Not fair… haha. I agree with you on the colors of those tastes, interestingly enough. I wonder how different people/tastebuds would determine that.

    Maybe you should share your short stories with us? 😉

  4. Hi sis! I forgot one, a few actually.
    Lemon : Yellow
    Orange (fruit) : Orange (color)
    Grass : Green
    Watermelon : Pink
    Hope you enjoy your day out!

  5. Just to let you know, I asked some of my friends thought about the whole describing colours to a blind person, and it broke our brains.

  6. OK Giggles! Last time I saw a calendar…it is FEBRUARY now!!! Vacation time is over! Get back to blogging right now!!! Same with your sister! Don’t make me come over there and start cracking skulls!! Blog blog blog!!!!!

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