Top Ten positive things…

Hey there blogging world!

These days there is a lot of things that gets me down, so I thought I will do a post on TEN positive things in my life… Just to make myself see the light!

1. I have a job… I won’t say I’m happy. But I have it!
2. I have friends that care for me, help me when I’m down and cheer me up.
3. I still have my mom and sister!
4. I can write, I haven’t lost my imagination or drive for writing!
5. I have all 5 my senses!
6. I have a dream and a drive to go for it
7. My mom and sis care for me. I have met so many families that fall apart. And it gives me great joy that we are so close.
8. I have food to eat ever night, clean water and a roof over my head
9. I have my faith….
10. I have me! I am so afraid to lose who I am, because of everything that happened in the past month… But I am still me!

I know this was a suckish post…. But it made me a bit more positive!

Love you all! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Top Ten positive things…

  1. This was NOT a suckish post Marlize! This was a beautiful post! You are a very strong woman. You are always in my thoughts, as are your great Mom and Sister. Some day I’ll hopefully be able to get over there so I can give ya’ll a huge hug! Smile and try to have a good day Giggles! 🙂

  2. This is one of your finest posts, chica. You have such a beautiful heart, I can’t imagine anything changing that. I would say ‘hang in there’, but you already know how. I would suggest keeping your chin up, but here you are. I’ve always seen you as an amazing person, and with the grace you’ve dealt with this terrible loss, you’ve shown how strong you really are.
    If you ever need to talk about anything, never hesitate to contact me.

    1. Wow… Thank you so much, to be honest I don’t feel all that strong most days… But I am trying to.
      Thanks for being there for me! And I will email you the second life gets to much for me and I need a willing ear… 🙂

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