Top Ten Thursday


See! I told you I’m back 🙂

I’m gonna put a twist on this Top 10…
I think I did this before, but possibly a whole while ago, so here goes. I’m going to put my music player on my phone (I have about 850 songs on here) on shuffle, and list them as they play (no cheating) and also the first thing they remind me of. As I put a lot of value on my music and most of the time every single song holds a connection to something in my life!

Here goes!!

1- Avril Lavigne: Wish You Were Here
When I hear this song, all I think about is my Dad, I permanently wish he were still here…

2- Radiohead: Creep
This song holds a strong memory of my first love… There is an afrikaans version of this song, and it was one of our songs that we always listened to and played to one another… Weird song to have in a relationship, I know…

3- Arno Carstens: Another Universe
This is an SA singer, and there was an advertisement with this song as its ‘soundtrack’ and every time I heard/saw it I longed for vacation. Still do…

4- Jordin Sparks: One step at a Time
My very first thought, every time I hear this song is “Sex and the City”, no idea why!! Lol, but there is also a great message in this song about taking things slow…

5- One Direction: What makes you Beautiful
I like this song A LOT, and every time I hear it, I wish there is some one out there who thinks of me in the way he thinks of her in the song…

6- Joe Jonas: Just in Love
First thought: My mom. She asked me to get her this song, and now every time I hear it, I think of her! 🙂

7- Adele: Rumour has It
I simply love this song! When I hear it, I turn the stereo up and sing along (falsely) at the top of my voice!

8- Black Eyed Peas: I gotta Feeling
This song makes me long for fun and party-filled nights, getting ready for a night out, this is the song I listen to, to get me pumped up! 🙂

9- Rocky Horror Picture Show: Science Fiction/Double Feature
First thought: Glee cover! Second thought: I need to watch the movie again! Weirdest, coolest movie ever!!

10- Taylor Swift: You belong with Me
First thought: I wish one day I’ll have the guts to play this song to a guy… A specific guy…

Well there it is!!

Enjoy it! And feel free to do a Top 10 of your own and post me the link!


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