It’s almost time…

Well, hi there!!

Only 5 more nights, then me, my mom and my sis are going on our first SOLO camping experience…

After my daddy passed away last year, we were left with his Land Rover, kitted out with rooftent end the works… So we decided to keep his passion for the Landy and camping alive, as all of us shared in that passion.

So we went along with the church for one weekend to camp, and another weekend we went with the people from my mom’s work… And we grew so confident with it, that we decided to go on a camping trip. Alone. Only the 3 of us…

So Thursday Morning at 2 o’clock we are gonna get up and leave for the Kruger National Park, where we will see, lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalo and hopefully a leopard or two…

For those who have not yet had the privilege to see these animals in their natural habitat, I promise you it is amazing!! I promise to take numerous photos and share them with you, every day, hopefully 🙂

Have a lovely day!


3 thoughts on “It’s almost time…

  1. Sounds like a blast 🙂 That’s wonderful that you kept camping to honor your father, I’m sure ya’ll will have a ton of fun! ❤ you girlie 🙂

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