Terrific Tuesday

Well hey there!!

I decided to do a post on all the things that makes this an awesome Tuesday, I had a bit of an ‘off’ moment the last two days, so I need this positive kick in the arse.. 😀

Reasons why this in a Terrific Tuesday:
– I’m almost going on holiday (only two more days!!!)
– My hair is having a TERRIFIC day
– The weather is just perfect… Not cold not hot, just breezy..
– I have the most amazing people in my life
– I’m drinking my favourite Ice Tea (Strawberry and Grapefruit) whilst writing my favourite blog (THIS one!!) 😀
– Due to the fact that I’m going on holiday soon, I have a permanent smile on my face
– Last but not least, I’m happy 😀

I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!



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