Free Write Friday – It will be our little secret…

Why is it that the look in his eyes changed, that the way he acts around her changed??

Sarah looked at her best friend and his best frined, a girl, they have been friends for 2 years now, the three of them, and still every time Sarah sees John and Anna together her heart skips a beat. Because she can see something they have been denying since the start… True love.

She has always been a sucker for romance and John and Annabel was no exception… But no matter how many times she tried to play Cupid, they always denied any connection, she claiming he was too old (one and a half year!) He claiming she was his best friend, it won’t work… But the last few weeks…

Anna looks up to Sarah, ‘Hey doll, why are you so quiet tonight? That’s not like you at all…’
‘I’m just a bit tired, but you two carry on,’ Sarah says and closes her eyes as she lays back on the couch, watching John and Anna from under her eyelids.

‘You were quiet this week,’ Anna says to John, sad but at the same time requiring an explanation.
‘It was busy at work, and also, I wasn’t sure if you would want to talk… You know… After,’ he looks at Sarah, clearly not wanting to elaborate with other ears listening in.

‘Its no excuse. Nothing had to change.’ Anna replies and her mouth takes a turn for the sad.
‘I wasn’t sure if it should change.. If you wanted it to change, or to stay the same…’
John took another look at Sarah, and noting her closed eyes, he moved closer to Anna, his hand on her leg.
He moved in for a kiss and without even attempting to resist, Anna allowed the contact. Knowing her resistance was never THAT strong and no matter what he did, no matter how much he hurt her every single day, she would always be in love with him, whether she wanted to be or not.

Sarah opened her eyes another millimetre and noticing the current physical contact occurring between her two friends, she smiled and closed her eyes tightly, pretending to be even more asleep.


John pulled away and looked into Anna’s eyes, once or twice he blinked, afraid his affection would show through.
‘I’m sorry.’ He muttered and stood up, lighting a smoke on his way to the door.
Anna sighed and walked after him, knowing the only way to get into his mind is with persistence and force.
‘Sorry for?’ She asked angrily and leans against the wall next to him.
He looks away, avoiding eye contact, afraid to let her into his heart.
‘Sorry for the truth,’ he mutters and she, catching every word, closes her eyes, hoping for the worst. Because the best is usually a lie.

‘What truth?’ She asks reluctantly, very afraid of the answer.


He moves closer, disregarding the cigarette in his hand, he takes her face into his hands and kisses her like its the last kiss ever.

‘Still not an answer, darling.’ She says teasingly, reckoning that humour is a good way to hide her true feelings.

‘I have feelings for you…’

‘Okay then…’ She answers, using her customary answer she always uses when she feels someone is being untruthful, or only speaking half the truth.

‘ I do.’ He insists, ‘ I just don’t know what excatly they are…’

‘Now there is a truth I actually believe’

‘Its complicated, Anna.’

‘No, my dear, its not. Its like an affair. Axcept after we make out, we don’t lie to some one else. We lie to ourselves.’

And with that Anna goes into the house and close the door behind her. Knowing that that is not what John wanted to hear.

*well there you go! My effort for Free Wriite Friday, hosted by Kellie, over at Magic in the Backyard.
I know its not about a real affair, but it comes down to the same for me… (I’m sorry for the lack of links to the host website, but I’m posting from my BlackBerry, and its a bit difficult to do the web link thing…)*

2 thoughts on “Free Write Friday – It will be our little secret…

  1. well well well! you seem to have romance mastered! quite a sizzling read! Love how subtly sweet you kept this and yet still had some fire! 🙂 Nice job! and I amSOOOOOOOO happy you came back to FWF!!!! Thanks doll!!! xoxoxo

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