Pick-me-up :)

Hey out there!

This week has been rough.. My uncle on my mothers side passed away, people at work took an overdose of asshole pills and my teeth is killing me!

But on the other side, I’m smiling (mainly because of *him*), I sleep like a rock (due to painkillers for my teeth) and I’m trying a new technique, much like a duck and water, I try to let all negativity just ‘roll’ of me..

My pick-me-ups in times like these includes: pasta, cooking, alcohol, good music, a Jane Austen novel and a quick phone call to some one who, with just a single word, understands what I am feeling.

Also there is my mom and sis, who I can count on to make me smile and laugh, with the most odd and funny say things!

Another instant pick-me-up is, of course, retail therapy! But instead of just over indulging and buying things I don’t need, just because I want a distraction. I go out and look for something amazing, and I found it!
I got my eyes on one pair of boots, tan, knee-length leather boots!! Who wouldn’t want it???
(To all my fellow ladies, I will post a picture asap!)

What is your pick-me-ups in the midst of a terrible week??



2 thoughts on “Pick-me-up :)

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Madame :-/ But I’m glad that you’re still your wonderful, upbeat self 😀
    Ooooh, Madame has a special someone?!

    1. Thanks Madame, it is quite sad…
      But like m one ex BF used to tell me ‘you are a flowerchild, nothing can get you under’… 🙂
      There is a somebody in m life, but nothing official or concrete yet… You know men, enjoys making us ladies suffer

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